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1. Create your landing pageWe automatically generate a landing page for your company, which you can easily modify with just a few clicks.
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2. Create campaignsWe automatically create your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns in a matter of minutes.
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3. Create your sales appYour prospects will automatically reach your sales app through forms or WhatsApp button
Effective attraction
We give you an easy-to-use application integrated with WhatsApp to manage and convert your customers effectively
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1. Lead managementBy simply dragging the lead through the different stages, we detect which leads work and which don't.
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2. Your customers on WhatsAppAssign multiple agents from the same line and set up bots with automated responses for efficient management.
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3. Mail and automationsYou can send emails to your database and create automations to optimize your sales process.
Optimization and feedback
Our artificial intelligence optimizes each step of the process and informs you weekly on how your ROI is going.
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1. Marketing optimizationOur AI evaluates the effectiveness of the campaign and improves it to reach more and more qualified prospects.
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2. Sales optimizationFull revenue learns your sales process, detects anomalies and guarantees continuous improvement in your sales team.
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3. Reports to your email We send a weekly report of the progress of your campaigns and sales, with the improvements implemented.
Full revenue for our clients
Juan Carlos Rueda
Commercial Director
With Full Revenue, we have achieved a 4.88 ROI. Your marketing and sales automation platform has been key in attracting more students to our programs, maximizing our online presence and generating a notable increase in enrollments.
Eukaris Dotaciones
Eucaris Cuello
In a short time, we have attracted more customers and increased our sales. Starting a trial with Full Revenue turned out to be an excellent decision, as it has allowed us to expand nationwide.
Agencia OIT
Diego Triana
Our travel agency has achieved a ROI of 14 times. We are growing and we have restructured our team to maximize results. We increased the investment due to the excellent returns.. Full Revenue has been key to our success.
Full Revenue, guarantees you the expected ROI.
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